18V 3600A Positive And Negative Pulse Industrial Rectifier

Input parameters: Three phase AC380V±10%, 50HZ

Output parameters: Dual output +1200A/+6V; -3600A/-18V

Output mode: High speed positive and negative pulse

Cooling method: Water cooling

Power supply type: Pulsed power supply

Application Industry:

PCB plating, rare metal plating, precision design, precious metal plating, electrolytic polishing, etc


PCB plating may be defined as one or both of the following: Via plating – the process of filling a drilled hole with copper to provide a path for current from a surface of the board to an inner layer, between two inner layers or from one surface to the other. These plated through holes (PTHs) are better known as vias.

In the PCB manufacturing process, electroless copper plating is an important step. It is widely used in the following two processes. One is plating onto bare laminate and the other is plating through hole, because under these two circumstances, electroplating cannot or can hardly be carried out. In the process of plating onto bare laminate, electroless copper plating plates a thin layer of copper on the bare substrate to make the substrate conductive for further electroplating. In the process of plating through hole, electroless copper plating is used to make the inner walls of the hole conductive to connect the printed circuits in different layers or the pins of the integrated chips.

When through hole used dc plating, the thicker the plating around the hole is, and there is no plating in the hole. The two ends are big and the middle is small. This dog bone phenomenon is prone to copper cracking, or no electricity at all.

Positive and negative pulse power supply can increase electroplating speed. Improve the uniformity of copper plating, deep hole plating uniformity; Reverse pulse electroplating can control the deposition rate of copper in the high current density area, so as to improve the thickness uniformity of surface copper and pore copper, and eliminate the “dog bone” phenomenon.

Technical Parameters

Characteristic Types

Parameter Items

Technical Requirements
Power Types  Power types High speed positive and negative pulse
Model and specifications HPNPS-2*Z1200AF3600A/18V
Cooling mode Water-cooled
Switch tube type Pulsed power supply
Input Characteristics Rated Input Voltage Three-phase,AC380V±10% ,50HZ
Rated Input Power 17.8KW
Rated Input Current AC 27.0A
Input Power Factor COSΦ≥0.90
Output Characteristics Output Voltage DC  +6V/-18V
Output Current DC  +1200A/-3600A
Stabilized Current Precision ≤2%(Rated Current)
Stabilized Voltage Precision ≤2%
According to accuracy 1A,0.01V
Rated Output efficiency ≥90%
Environmental Conditions Installation site Indoor installations
Altitude ≤2000 meters
Ambient temperature -20℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤90%
Control Mode Operating mode PLC, ADDA, Ethernet, RS485 and RS232
Weight Net weight About 400KG
Dimension Height*Width*Depth H1400mm×W750mm×D1100mm
Protection Characteristics With over voltage, over current, overload, short circuit, overheating and other abnormal self-protection function
Optional models
Model Input Output Dimension (H*W*L)/mm
HPNPS-2*Z100F300A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ .+6V/-18V  +100A/-300A 980*500*700
HPNPF-2*Z150F600A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ `+6V/-18V  +150A/-600A 1900*750*800
HPNPF-Z200A/6VF600A/18V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ ·+6V/-18V  +200A/-600A 1050*580*680
HPNPF-2*Z200AF600A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ ·+6V/-18V  +200A/-600A 1050*580*680
HPNPF-Z250AF250A/30V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ ·+30V/-30V  +250A/-250A 1050*580*680
HPNPS-2*Z300AF900A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ `+6V/-18V  +300A/-900A 900*500*930
HPNPS-2*Z400AF1200A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ ·+6V/-18V  +400A/-1200A 900*500*930
HPNPS-2*Z600AF1800A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ ·+6V/-18V  +600A/-1800A 1000*600*1200
HPNPF-2*Z800AF2400A/6V+P Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ `+6V/-18V  +800A/-2400A 1800*750*800
HPNPS-2*Z900AF2700A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ ·+6V/-18V  +900A/-2700A 1762*750*900
HPNPS-2*Z1000AF3000A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ `+6V/-18V  +1000A/-3000A 1600*700*840
HPNPF-D2-Z1000A6V/F3000A/12V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ `+6V/-12V  +1000A/-3000A 1720*750*800
HPNPF-2*Z1200AF3600A/6V Three phaseAC380V±10% 50HZ `+6V/-18V  +1200A/-3600A 1720*750*800
Can be customized according to requirements 
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Liyuan rectifier, taking the lead in IGBT rectifier and SCR rectifier in China.

Get more details? We’ll respond as soon as possible (within 24 hours).