Zhengzhou Liyuan rectifier Co., Ltd.

LIYUAN HAINA Rectifier Group, professional manufacturer in IGBT and SCR rectifier in China, since the foundation in 1997, LIYUAN HAINA has obtained good reputation on rectifier over the past 27 years, which not only demonstrate our technology capacity, but also ensure that all solutions are optimal. If you have any inquiry for rectifier, LIYUAN HAINA will be your best partner!
Enterprise Strength
LIYUAN has 43000m² Production Workshop and 7 advanced production line, containing SMT, wave soldering machine, coated connection table and Metal digital machine etc. With ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.
  • 43000m² Area
  • 7Production Lines
  • 6Branch Offices
What Do We Do?
LIYUAN rectifier mostly used in electrolysis and electroplating for Surface treating, Copper foil, Aluminum anodizing, Water electrolysis, Rare earths, Special gas, PCB board and Metal smelt.
Advanced Technology
Since the first synchronous rectified technology occurs in China, LIYUAN HAINA has promoted largely on this real energy-saving design, increasing efficiency high above 90%, making great contribution to energy-saving and environmental protection.
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Liyuan rectifier, taking the lead in IGBT rectifier and SCR rectifier in China.

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