20V 30A Power Supply Electrolytic Copper Foil Industry

Input parameters: Single phase AC220V±10%, 50HZ

Output parameters: DC 0~20V 0~30A

Output mode: Common DC output

Cooling method: Air cooling

Power supply type: IGBT-based High-frequency Power Supply

Application Industry: Electrolytic copper foil industry


Electrolytic copper foil refers to copper material as the main raw material, using electrolytic copper foil production. Dissolve copper material by copper sulfate solution, then in electrolytic equipment, copper sulfate solution by direct current electrodeposition and made the original foil, again carries on the coarsening, curing, heat resistant, corrosion resistant layer, prevent oxidation layer surface treatment, such as lithium electricity copper foil axial-flow compressor.in order main surface oxidation treatment, finally made after cutting, testing the finished product.

During electrolysis, cations in the electrolyte migrate to the cathode and electrons are reduced at the anode. The anion runs to the anode and loses electrons to be oxidized. Two electrodes were connected in copper sulfate solution and direct current was applied. At this point, copper and hydrogen will be found to precipitate from the plate connected to the cathode of the power supply. If it is a copper anode, copper dissolution and oxygen precipitation occur simultaneously.

Electrolytic copper foil, as a key functional basic raw material of electronic manufacturing industry, is mainly used in the production of lithium ion battery and printed circuit board (PCB). Among them, lithium copper foil has good electrical conductivity, good machining performance, soft texture, mature manufacturing technology, outstanding cost advantages and other characteristics, so it becomes the choice of lithium ion battery anode collector.

The module of the synchronous rectifier high-frequency switching power supply is installed in the parallel cabinet, and is connected with the cathode and anode bus of the foil generator through the output of the bus. Clean appearance, compact structure. High power conversion efficiency, reduce customer use cost. Power supply adopts N + 1 backup mode, which can realize thermal maintenance of the whole machine and ensure continuous production by customers.

Technical Parameters

Characteristic Types

Parameter Items

Technical Requirements
Power Types  Power types High-frequency Power Supply
Model and specifications TBFBZ-30A/20V
Cooling mode Air-cooled
Switch tube type IGBT
Input Characteristics Rated Input Voltage Single phase,AC220V±10% ,50HZ
Rated Input Power 0.7 KVA
Rated Input Current AC 3.2A
Input Power Factor COSΦ≥0.95
Output Characteristics Output Voltage DC  0~20V
Output Current DC  0~30A
Stabilized Current Precision ≤1%
Stabilized Voltage Precision ≤1%
Rated Output efficiency ≥94%
Environmental Conditions Installation site Indoor installations
Altitude ≤2000 meters
Ambient temperature -20℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤95%
Control Mode Operating mode PLC, ADDA, Ethernet, RS485 or RS232
Other Weight About 32KG
External Dimension Height*Width*Depth H182mm×W527mm×D375mm
Protection Characteristics Over voltage, over current, short circuit, lack of phase, over heat, water temperature, water pressure, water leakage and other protection functions.
Optional models
Application Model Output Parameters
220V Single phase input HIFB-500A4V 4Vdc/500A
TBFBZ-600A4V 4Vdc/600A
HMFB-10A5V 5Vdc/10A
HMFB-20A5V 5Vdc/20A
TBFBZ-25A5V 5Vdc/25A
TBFBZ-400A5V 5Vdc/400A
HMFB-600A5V 5Vdc/600A
HMFB-800A5V 5Vdc/800A
HMFB-2A6V 6Vdc/2A
HMFB-3A6V 6Vdc/3A
HMFB-350A6V 6Vdc/350A
HMFB-5A6V 6Vdc/5A
HMFB-10A6V 6Vdc/10A
TBFB-50A6V 6Vdc/50A
HMFB-600A6V 6Vdc/600A
TBFBZ-1A9V 9Vdc/1A
TBFB-10A9V 9Vdc/10A
TBFBZ-20A9V 9Vdc/20A
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Liyuan rectifier, taking the lead in IGBT rectifier and SCR rectifier in China.

Get more details? We’ll respond as soon as possible (within 24 hours).