24V 2500A IGBT High Power Rectifier for Electroplating

Input parameters: Three phase, AC380V±10% ,50HZ

Output parameters: DC 0~24V 0~2500A

Output mode: Common DC output

Cooling method: Water cooling

Power supply type: IGBT-based

Application Industry: Rear earth smelting and heating of the furnace body


Rare earth hydrometallurgy is a kind of chemical metallurgy. Most of the whole process is in solution and solvent. For example, the decomposition of rare earth concentrate, rare earth oxides, rare earth compounds and the separation and extraction of single rare earth metal are chemical separation processes such as precipitation, crystallization, REDOX, solvent extraction and ion exchange. At present, organic solvent extraction is widely used, which is a common process for industrial separation of high purity single rare earth elements. Hydrometallurgy process is complex, product purity is high, the method of production of finished products wide application.

Pyrometallurgical process is simple and has high productivity. Rare earth pyrometallurgy mainly includes silicon thermal reduction method to obtain rare earth alloy, molten salt electrolysis method to obtain rare earth metal or alloy, metal thermal reduction method to obtain rare earth alloy. The common characteristic of pyrometallurgy is production under high temperature.

In industrial mass production of mixed rare earth metals, molten salt electrolysis is generally used. The process involves heating and melting rare earth compounds, such as rare earth chlorides, and then electrolysis to precipitate rare earth metals on the cathode. There are two electrolysis methods: chloride electrolysis and oxide electrolysis. Methods for preparing single rare earth metals vary from element to element. Because of high vapor pressure, samarium, europium, ytterbium and thulium are not suitable for electrolysis, but reduction distillation is used. Other elements can be prepared by electrolysis or metal thermal reduction.

Technical Parameters

Characteristic Types

Parameter Items

Technical Requirements
Power Types  Power types High-frequency Power Supply
Model and specifications TBSB-2500A/24V
Cooling mode Water-cooled
Switch tube type IGBT
Input Characteristics Rated Input Voltage Three-phase, AC380V±10% ,50HZ
Rated Input Power 67.2 KW
Rated Input Current AC 102A
Input Power Factor COSΦ≥0.95
Output Characteristics Output Voltage DC  0~24V
Output Current DC  0~2500A
Stabilized Current Precision ≤1%(Rated Current)
According to accuracy 1A,0.1V
Rated output  efficiency ≥94%
Environmental Conditions Installation site Indoor installations
Altitude ≤2000 meters
Ambient temperature -20℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤94%
Control Mode Operating mode PLC, ADDA, Ethernet, RS485 and RS232
External Dimension Height*Width*Depth H185mm×W402mm×D650mm
Protection Characteristics With over voltage, over current, overload, short circuit, overheating and other abnormal self-protection function
Optional models
Application Model Output Parameters
Furnace body heating ACF-2000A/35V  35Vdc/2000A
ACF-3000A/24V  24Vdc/3000A
ACF-4000A/36V  36Vdc/4000A
TDSB-5000A/45V  45Vdc/5000A
TDSB-6000A/45V  45Vdc/6000A
TDSB-10000A/45V  45Vdc/10000A
TBSB-6000A/24V  24Vdc/6000A
TBSB-15KA/45V  45Vdc/15KA
Smelting TBSB-5000A/12V 12Vdc/5000A
TBSB-6000A/12V 12Vdc/6000A
TBSB-8000A/12V 12Vdc/8000A
TBSB-10000A/12V 12Vdc/10000A
TBSB-12000A/12V 12Vdc/12000A
TBSB-15000A/12V 12Vdc/15000A
TBSB-6000A/15V 15Vdc/6000A
TBSB-8000A/15V 15Vdc/8000A
TBSB-10000A/15V 15Vdc/10000A
TBSB-12000A/15V 15Vdc/12000A
TBSB-15000A/15V 15Vdc/15000A
TBSB-16000A/14V 14Vdc/16000A
TBSB-15000A/11V 11Vdc/15000A
TBSB-18000A/11V 11Vdc/18000A
TBSB-8000A/13V 13Vdc/8000A
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Liyuan rectifier, taking the lead in IGBT rectifier and SCR rectifier in China.

Get more details? We’ll respond as soon as possible (within 24 hours).