655V 8.7KA rectifier for Electrolytic Hydrogen Production

Input parameters:Six phase, AC380V±10% ,50HZ

Output parameters: DC 0~655V 0~8.7KA

Output mode: Common DC output

Cooling method:Water cooling

Power supply type:Silicon controlled rectifier

Application Industry: Water treatment industry,such as hydrogen production from electrolytic water


Water treatment rectifier is a special equipment to provide chemical electric field environment for water treatment by chemical method. Widely used in electrolytic process wastewater treatment, seawater desalination, ballast water treatment, seawater or salt water sodium hypochlorite (electric chlorination), used in industry, small, residential areas, schools and other water bodies, ballast water treatment; Seawater treatment for industries that use seawater as a cooling system, such as cooling power plants, petrochemical industries, LNG terminals, desalination facilities and other coastal industries.

KES large – capacity rectifier is a kind of three-phase ac power conversion into voltage adjustable dc power device. Widely used in electroplating, electrolysis, electrochemistry, oxidation, electrophoresis, smelting, electrocasting, communication and other fields, mainly aluminum, magnesium, lead, zinc, copper, manganese, bismuth, nickel and other non-ferrous metal electrolysis; Salt water, potassium salt electrolytic caustic soda, potassium alkali, sodium; Potassium chloride electrolysis to produce potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate; Steel wire heating, silicon carbide heating, carbon tube furnace, graphitization furnace, melting furnace and other heating; Electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and other high-current fields.

Technical Parameters

Characteristic Types

Parameter Items

Technical Requirements
Power Types  Power types High-frequency Power Supply
Model and specifications  KES-8.7KA/655V
Cooling mode Water-cooled
Switch tube type Silicon controlled rectifier
Input Characteristics Rated Input Voltage Six-phase, AC380V±10% ,50HZ
Rated Input Power AC 544.9V
Rated Input Current AC 3550A
Input Power Factor COSΦ≥0.95
Output Characteristics Output Voltage DC  0~655V
Output Current DC  0~8700A
Stabilized Current Precision ≤1%(Rated Current)
According to accuracy 1A,0.01V
Rated Output efficiency ≥91%
Environmental Conditions Installation site Indoor installations
Altitude ≤1000 meters
Ambient temperature -20℃~40℃
Relative humidity ≤90%
Control Mode Operating mode PLC, ADDA, Ethernet, RS485 and RS232
Weight Net weight About 8000KG
External Dimension Height*Width*Depth H6058mm×W2438mm×D2896mm
Protection Characteristics With over voltage, over current, overload, short circuit, overheating and other abnormal self-protection function
Optional models
Application Features Model Output Parameters
Water treatment Polarity reversing HIFA-50A/200V ±200Vdc/50A
HIFA-60A/250V ±250Vdc/60A
HIFA-80A/150V ±150Vdc/80A
HIFA-130A/200V ±200Vdc/130A
HIFA-150A/120V ±120Vdc/150A
HIFA-150A/150V ±150Vdc/150A
HIFA-150A/200V ±200Vdc/150A
HIFA-150A/240V ±240Vdc/150A
HIFA-180A/220V ±220Vdc/180A
HIFA-180A/400V ±400Vdc/180A
HIFA-200A/185V ±185Vdc/200A
HIFA-200A/300V ±300Vdc/200A
HIFA-200A/320V ±320Vdc/200A
HIFA-250A/60V ±60Vdc/250A
HIFA-300A/300V ±300Vdc/300A
Regular TBFB-1000A/24V 24Vdc/1000A
HIFB-1000A/30V 30Vdc/1000A
TBFB-1200A/24V 24Vdc/1200A
TBFB-1500A/24V 24Vdc/1500A
HIFB-2000A/20V 20Vdc/2000A
TDFB-440A/110V 110Vdc/440A
TDFB-170A/110V 110Vdc/170A
KES-8.7KA/655V 655Vdc/8.7KA
KGFB-400A/750V 750Vdc/400A
TDFB-500A/100V 100Vdc/500A
TDFB-100A/110V 110Vdc/100A
TDFB-850A/60V 60Vdc/850A
TDSB-15KA/10V 10Vdc/15KA
TDFB-600A/20V 20Vdc/600A
HIFB-3000A/30V 30Vdc/3000A
HIFB-170A/40V 40Vdc/170A
HIFB-90A/75V 75Vdc/90A
HIFB-120A/250V 250Vdc/120A
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Liyuan rectifier, taking the lead in IGBT rectifier and SCR rectifier in China.

Get more details? We’ll respond as soon as possible (within 24 hours).